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It is hard to talk about ourselves. Our accomplishments and what we do well. We admire people who are humble. Those of us who do not go around boasting and bragging about accomplishments.

“Bragging” does not come naturally for most people. That is probably a good thing.

What happens when you need to promote yourself and your business? When you need to come up with pages and pages of content to share your great qualities and services to potential customers? It isn’t only hard for most, but impossible.

Honestly, most business fail at marketing themselves.

Don’t be upset, it is ok, because you found Click Start Creative. What you have a hard time doing we excel at. We love to hear about you, your business and your successes and then create a website that reflects your successes.

We will learn about you and what you offer to your customers and turn it into a content marketing plan that will communicate your core business.

Want to grow your business? Change your content.

Content on websites needs to change and change often. Google loves dynamic content. Adding good content that is optimized to be found on Google is a proven way to attract the attention of potential customers.

Click Start Creative uses solid, verified and proven tactics to make your content work for you. We will look at your site and help it reflect you and your business.

In addition to our content starter packages we also provide services to write blog posts for you. This provides real opportunities to talk about your business and why your customers need what you offer. It is another tool we use to develop your content marketing plan.

We don’t want there to be any surprises and not everyone is a good fit to work with Click Start Creative. We are selective with our clients and only take those that are serious about improving their website.

Contact us today to get started!

Our clients have been really happy.

“When I contacted Lindsey about helping redo the content on my website I was a little hesitant. I paid for my website 7 years ago and thought it was working fine. I looked myself up one day and I was on the third page of Google and no one was finding me from search engines. In two months Lindsey had my site on the first page and I am already seeing an upturn in my business. Just changing my content made a huge difference for my business and I highly recommend Click Start Creative.” –Pam Owens, Naturopathic Doctor